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How do I create a new message?

aYou can use customized pre-made message templates or write your own messages to target your customers with review and seller feedback requests.

How can my message target only specific products?

aIt’s easy to do through our item filters section. Just choose your product’s main picture and click confirm.

How do I pause or delete a message?

aWhen you no longer need that message pattern, you can just choose “inactive” from your dashboard.

How many messages can I send on daily basis?

It depends on the package that you choose when opening your account with AllinSeller.

How can my message become Active’?

When message is ready, set it to ‘Active’ button from your message dashboard.

How can I increase the rating of my product reviews and seller feedbacks?

There are several things you should do to achieve higher ratings.  Here are some tips that can guide you:


  • Make your subject lines short and attractive
  • Use a customized email and attachments for that specific product to add value for your buyers
  • For each order send between one to three emails to the customer depending on the product.
  • Make sure your emails are brief with an inviting call to action
  • Make sure you use “variables” when preparing your messages.


How can I attach logo and images to my customized message template?

You can draft a more unique and compelling messages with your branded logo attached to it. Images can be uploaded directly into your message template.

How can I attach files to my messages?

To create higher value for you customers – you can add any file to your messages: Ebook, Manual or other free bonus. Click on “add attachments” under the message box.

What can I send to a customer when he/she returns the product?

You can choose to “skip sending this message if returned” or create a customized message that triggered and sent when return is made.

How do I address a customer by name in my messages?

When writing a message, use variables such as [buyers_name] at the beginning of the sentence.

How do I verify that my messages are being sent from AllinSeller?

After you set the ‘Active’ button on your message dashboard, check AllinSeller and Seller Central “sent messages” section that your messages are sent appropriately.

What do you mean by message tags and how can I use them?

‘Message tag’ is a special feature that helps you find easy access to your messages anytime you want. You can choose to tag messages by using marketplace, ASIN, topic, etc.

What is the function of ’Delivered Within’ filter?

The message filter known as ‘Delivered Within’ is a simple filter that allows you to send messages to buyers whose orders were delivered in a specific time. This filter is viable in targeting customers that bought your products at specific national holiday or special event.

What should I put in the “Message Title” field when creating a message?

Design simple message titles to differentiate and categorize messages in your dashboard. This feature is for internal use and will not be sent to customers.

I see that my messages with attachments are sent in AllinSeller, but not in Seller Central. Why is that?

Sometimes defected PDF file may prevent your message from sending through Seller Central. Remove the file, check it, change its name and upload it again as attachment.

Can I ask customers for product reviews?

Absolutely! You should ask your customers to leave product reviews. And with AllinSeller platform, it is now easy for you to aks for reviews through our customized templates and review links with images.

Is it possible to attach my personal links to my messages?

Amazon does not allow any link that is connected to your social media account or your personal website.

Is it possible to send messages to both my FBA and FBM (Merchant Fulfilled) orders?

Yes. Our platform supports all orders. You may create different topics and target your customers differently if you choose.

Is it possible to automatically send messages within specified hours?

Yes. To do this, use the feature called ‘smart send’ to send your messages at optimal hours (10.00-13.00).

Are template messages available to use at any pay plan?

Yes, regardless of the package you choose, you can use any of template messages you like.

I've got a negative feedback from my customer. I want to ask him to remove it. How should I approach this situation?

You should try to elegantly address this issue, explaining the problem and what can you do for your customer, and then politely ask him to remove the feedback.  You can include instructions on how to do so or link them using the URL below.

This link provides instructional information on how to remove Seller Feedback:

The same is true in regard to customer’s reviews.

Do you have any of these features on the free plan?

The Newbie Pack of AllinSeller includes 150 messages that you can send each month. You get the full access to Auto Responder Dashboard as well.

What is the difference between product reviews and seller feedback?

Product reviews can be either positive or negative experiences about specific products qualities and features. Seller feedback refers to a user’s overall experience with the seller – shipping timeframe, product appearance at delivery etc.

I have not been receiving test messages. What do I do?

You should check your Account Settings to verify that your testing email is correct. Also check your Spam folder in your email dashboard.