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How do I connect a marketplace to my AllInSeller Account?

in this article we will show you set by step how to connect AllinSeller to your amazon store easily.

So, after you have registered AllInSeller website, and approved your email, you are ready to go and connect your store.



First, you should login All-in seller Auto-Responder app, you can do it by:

1) Navigate to “My-Account” page here (login if needed)

2) in this screen, under “subscriptions” you should see the following table:

click the “Auto-Responder” button on the right to get in the Auto-responder app.

alternatively, you can navigate to the apps website here: http://app.allinseller.com and login with your credentials or FB\Google connect.


Connect your store

now you are ready go, make sure you have the credentials to your account in Amazon seller central, you will see this page:


Step 1:

  1. click the marked link in the screenshot above to start connecting your amazon account with AllInSeller, a new tab will open up (you will have to move between these two tabs to copy and paste the seller details), Login to Amazon if requested.
  2. Copy and paste these two fields, from this page to your Amazon page, you can easily click the field to automatically copy it to your clipboard, then, move the Amazon tab, and paste (Ctrl+V) the fields accordingly, in case these fields already filled, you can simply hit “Next” in Amazon Page, then skip to 3.
  3. Tick the checkbox if you hit “Next” in your Amazon page.
  4. Hit the “Next Step” button.


Step 2:

This Page will open up:

First, move to your Amazon page, tick the checkbox as described in the image above, and hit “Next”, now, go back to AllInSeller website:

  1. Tick the checkbox you confirmed you tick the checkbox on amazon
  2. Hit “Next step”


Step 3:

This Page will open up:

This is the last step!, move to Amazon Page again, you will see the connection details you should copy and paste from Amazon website to AllInSeller website, we need only two fields to be copied:

  1. Go back to AllInSeller Page, on the first step above you will have to give your store a name, fill in your Store Name exactly as you wish your customers will see it. (for example: MyStoreName, PingStore etc..)
  2. on the second field you will have to fill in your seller Id, move again to your Amazon store, and copy your Seller ID (select the code, and copy using Ctrl+C), then, paste it here (Ctrl+V).
  3. (we will skip Marketplace Id, since today the only supported marketplace is Amazon.com) on the same way, ‘MWS Auth token’ should be copied from amazon page to this one, copy the code from amazon page, and paste it here
  4. The last field should be fill by you, here, you should Enter your Store email (Emails from Auto-responder will be sent from this email), its recommended not to use your own private email as the store email as it looks a bit ‘amateurish’, the most recommended email is to use your own domain mail (for example, if you have a store named “my store” and you own the domain “mystore.com”, you should configure an email account to this domain, then use it like: info@mystore.com), but, of course, you can use other email services like: mystore@gmail.com, or: mystore.com@gmail.com
  5. Tick to approve you have filled all fields above
  6. Hit “Submit” to send this form


Now, a window should open up and your connection to amazon should began, if you have an error, you probably haven’t copied the fields above correctly.


If everything went well, you should move to an integration page, the sync can last 1-2 minute and up to 24 hours (max) depending your store traffic, usually in big stores it takes up to 1 hour, then you should see the main Auto-Responder page, and the data will be grow up every few minutes, until it get all data from amazon.


If you have any question regarding your store connection, feel free to open a ticket from our support center, and describe you issue.

Good luck!

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