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Editing your Store Marketplace connection

Warning!: Do NOT touch your marketplace settings unless you know what you are doing, changing one of these settings to a wrong value will stop the integration with amazon and your AllInSeller will stop sending emails and updating your store!


You should edit your store integration settings only if you need the following:

  1. To edit your Store email address, if you have changed your store email (like bought a new domain) and you would like to start sending emails to customers from the new email.
  2. to edit yout MWS Auth token: if the token has expired (after 10 years), or, if you have deleted the permissions by mistake from your seller central, adding the permission back will create a new MWS Auth token, and AllInSeller will start working back ONLY if you will update this field here.


To begin, inside Auto-Responder app website, click to the top right menu on your store name -> Marketplaces

Then, locate your store on the table, and hit the edit button on the field you would like to change

  1. To edit your store Email -> Click the edit button, a new popup will open up, enter you email, then approve.
  2. To edit your MWS auth token -> Click the edit button, a new popup will open up, enter you MWS auth token, then approve.


  • Beaware: Seller ID and your Store name can not be edited because of security issues.
  • please note, if you need to edit your user account settings, you should do it from AllInSeller.com website here: Profile Settings
  • AllInSeller are keep growing, and soon we have a plan to let you add more stores under the same user account, stay tuned!
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