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Why does my test messages links down’t work?

As you probably know, many of the variables on the message, are replaced during the sending of the message.

for example, if your message starts with: “Hello [[first_name]]”, then, once the email will be sent, the variable will be replaces, so if the buyer name is “John” on the sent email, you will see: “Hello John”.

Same is with the links for review\feedback etc.., the original link can be for example: “[[review_link]]”, means, if its a test message, or if you haven’t sent it to a real user, the link will redirect to: “[[review_link]]” which means nothing.

Once you will send it to a real email, with a real order, this variable will be replaced by the real order product review, then, the user will be able to click on it and leave a review\feedback.

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