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What is ‘Test Message’ status?

Our recommendation is to use the ‘Test Message’ status before you start sending your emails out to the customers.

‘Test Message’ is the status of the message, you can define it directly from the message main page, and once a message status is ‘Test Message’, it will follow all rules, and instead of sending it to a real customer, you will be able to see it under the “Sent” menu.

then, if you see that its ready to be sent, and everything looks just as expected,  you can change the status back to ‘Active’.

pay attention, you can also use: “Send Test Message’ button on the messages screen, to send a message directly to your own private email, so you will be able to see how is it looks like.

please also note that this test email is not a real order, so sometimes, in the test email, the links won’t work as expected.

if you have some other questions regarding the ‘Test Messages’ feel free to contact us in our Support-Center.

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