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How to use Message Variations?

What is Message variations?

before we will use the message variations, we will try to explain what is it the variations and what it is good for.

we know, that the subject of the message is critical to make our customers opening our emails.

we also know, that the body of our message is critical to make our customers clicking our links (reviews, feedbacks etc…)

so, the best way to get the right subject and body, is to let our customer to decide!

How does it work?

we are creating two variations of emails, two subjects and two bodies, every time that one of our messages should be sent, and we are using variations, we will choose one of the variables, and we will send it, after few days, we will have for example, 50 emails sent of the first variation, and another 50 emails of the second variation, then our system will collect all the information from our users to help you decide what is the best subject and the best body, so you will be able always to improve your messages!

How should I use it?

so, you can use our variations templates from the messages screen or with a new message,

to use our templates, choose ‘Create From Templates’ then choose one of our variations templates (search for “2 variations” on title).

then the compose message screen will open up, and you will be able to see both variations and edit it (Make sure you are changing all words with ** to the right words.

to use it on a new message simply change the field ‘Add Message Variation?’ to ‘Add Variation for later comparison’, then type in the second subject and body.

please use our Support-Center if you need future assistance regarding the message variations.

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