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How should I use the ‘Send Retro Messages’ feature?


Please read carefully before you are going to use the retro messages feature!

What is the “Send Retro Messages” feature?:

this feature aim to help new AllInseller sellers, that migrate from another Auto-Responder tool, or, if you never had such a tool before.

by using the “Send Retro Messages” you will be able to select a message from your messages list, and send it to all of your past orders, between two dates.

This option will also take into account all of your message settings, such as the order status, and even how many days to send this message after the status occur, means, if I have this rule:

7 days after Shipped

and I’m sending this message 14 days back, it will check, for every message when does it sent, then it will add these 7 days, so, on the last days, some of your emails, will be send in the future!


How should I use it:

First, you must check when your message is active from, and avoid using this feature on dates your message was active, choose carefully the dates.

  1. To get started, go to your Messages, and select a single message you would like to send to your buyers. (simply click on the message).
  2. Now click the button above: “Send Retro Messages”, a new modal window will open up.
  3. make sure the subject fit the message you have selected, then select the dates you would like to send this message to, please pay attention the message status and timing rules!
  4. Hit “Send Retro Messages” and confirm the dialog


Please note:


  • Cancel this action: once you submitting a message with past orders, a new job is started, and you can not cancel or undo this action!
  • Message content: be aware, avoid using specific time (like: the item has shipped yesterday, etc), instead, use general description like “recently you have bought..”
  • Avoid Spamming: Do not use it on dates the message were active, you will send duplicated emails!


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