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Allowed HTML&CSS by Amazon

As described on amazon here, here is the allowed CSS and HTML tags:


a cite h2 p tfoot
abbr code h3 pre th
acronym col h4 small thead
address colgroup h5 span tr
b dd h6 strike tt
big div hr strong u
blockquote dl html sub ul
body dt i sup
br em img table
caption font li tbody
center h1 ol td


background-color font-family list-style-type
border font-size table-layout
border-collapse font-style text-align
border-spacing font-variant text-decoration
caption-side font-weight vertical-align
clear height white-space
color letter-spacing width
float line-height word-spacing
empty-cells list-style-position

Any tag not present on this list will be stripped (in html,  the elements subtree will be presented)

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